Predavanje: Are YOU ready for Change?

You have probably observed how traditional Project Management has evolved to facilitate a globalized world and the rapidly changing demands of Millennials with their new perspectives on “life the universe and everything”.

You might also find yourself challenged to become more agile and sustainable, whilst also dealing with larger numbers of stakeholders demanding greater benefits realization from your projects, programs and portfolios. Well maybe you would appreciate some guidance…

This key-note address will discuss how this evolving world might impact you and offers some practical advice on how to develop your skill set to become more adept at “Change Management”.

The presenter will reference a number of resources for improving your capabilities including the excellent “Managing Change in Organizations: A Practice Guide, a PMI Global Standard”.

Main take-away

  • Project Management Evolution
  • Benefits Realization through Projects, Programs & Portfolios
  • Strategic Alignment
  • Perspectives on “Change Management”
  • A framework for “Change Management”
  • Your role in “Change Management”