Predavanje: Is Project Management a core competence for organizations?

Session Description:

Any organization in order to be successful needs to build core competencies.

For non for profit organizations this are key strengths that differentiates them and make them successful. For commercial companies this capabilities are providing competitive advantage and are allowing them to win in marketplace.

As a project managers, we need to ask ourselves a question: Are we delivering value?

Is project management a core competency in my organization?


Purpose of this session is to:

  • Present characteristic of core competence with key ingredients.
  • Assess value project management is providing for organisations.
  • Evaluate project management as a core competence and
  • Finally answer question - “Is Project Management a core competence for organizations?”

This Session is built on study conducted by author on this topic and for you to understand project management perception and any development needed to address future challenges.



This presentation is intended for project management practitioners willing to learn more about value and future of PM profession, as well for students and others considering a career or specialization in project management.


Key words:

  • Project Management
  • Efficiency
  • Core Competencies
  • Value
  • Skills and Capabilities